"The population problem has no technical solution; it requires a fundamental extension in morality."



-Garrett Hardin

Science 162 (3859): 1243–1248. 1968.



Conservation biogeography of endemic and endangerous birds in China

The distribution range of an organism, the spatially existing pattern associated with geography is one of basic aspects of species’ nature history. A good understanding of the distribution range is important for acquiring knowledge of a species, such as the habitat suitability, habitat requirements and ecological constraints, because the entire range of a species may indicate ecological impact of various factors that organisms are enveloping and physical barriers that restrict the range expansion in a large geographic scale. This information may further be useful to assessing biogeography, population size, population connectivity, and population trend of endemic and endangerous bird species in China. Thus extensive efforts, e.g. field surveys, distribution  mappings and habitat sampling and have been being carried out towards conservation and management purposes.