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-Que P.J, Szekely T., Wang P.C., Lei W.P., Lu Q., Liu Y., Zhang Z.W. Offspring sex ratio is unrelated to parental quality and breeding time in a polyandrous bird, under review


-Liang Q.Y., Yu Y.T., ….. Amano T., Sutherland W.J., Liu Y§. Citizen science reveals waterbird population trends along the eastern coastal China, in revision. §Corresponding author. 


-Liang D., He C., Luo X., Liu Y., Goodale, E., Pagani-Núñez, E.§. Breathing rate: an indicator of acute stress to evaluate community responses to anthropogenic disturbance. Under review. §Corresponding author.


-Liang D., He C., Luo X., Pagani-Núñez, Pang H., Liu Y.§, Luo X.§, Robinson S. A first report on the incubation behaviour of the Fire-tailed Sunbird Aethopyga ignicauda in the Hengduan Mountains in Southwest China, in submission. §Corresponding author.


-Liu Y.*, Liu S.M.*, Chen G. L., Zhang N., Que P. J., Dong L§., Li S.H§. Development of a set of universal avian nuclear protein-coding loci and its application in population genetics. *Equally contributed. §Corresponding author.


-Shi B.Y.§Liu Y.§, Liu J.M., Zhou. X.N. Spatial distribution of migrating hosts promotes the phylogeographic inference of infectious disease epidemics, in prep. §Corresponding author.


-Schweizer M., Liu Y§., Olsson U., Shirihai H., Huang Q., Leader P., Copete J. L., Kirwan M., G.L. Chen, Svensson L.  Constrasting patterns of diversification in two sister species of martins (Aves: Hirundinidae): the sand martin Riparia riparia and the pale martin R. diluta. §Corresponding author.


-Wang X.*, Que P.J* …. Szekely T., Zhang Z.W., Liu Y§., Ecologically mediated incipient genetic divergence with gene flow in two parapatric bird species along the Chinese coast. *Equally contributed. §Corresponding author.


-Yang J.*, Chen G.L.*, Yuan L.Y., Huang Q., Fan Z. Y., Lu Y. W., Liu Y.§, Chen S. H.§. The phylogenetic position and genetic evidence of hybridization of the world's most endangered tern, the Chinese Crested Tern Thalasseus bernsteini, in submission. *Equally contributed. §Corresponding author.





-王代平,夏灿玮,刘阳,孙悦华。数量遗传学理论框架下的进化生态学研究:以动物模型的运用为例,动物学杂志,23:690-701. link


-Chen. Q., Liu Y., Ho W.T., Chen S.K., Li Q.H., Huang J.R. Use of stable isotopes to understand food webs in Macao wetlands, Wetland Ecology and Management, 23:59-66. link


-Fan P.F.*Liu Y.*Zhan Z.C., Zhao C., Li C., Liu W.L. Li M. Phylogenetic relationships of the White-cheeked macaque (Macaca leucogenys), a newly described species from Modog, Southeastern Tibet, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 107:80-89. *Equally contributed. link


-He R.C., Pagani-Nunez E., Chevallier C., Barnett C.R. An examination of the multiple forms of variation in boldness and the relationship between them in North Island Robins. Behavioural Process, 140:144-149, link

-Hua F.Y., Xu J. C., Wilcove D.S. A new opportunity to recover native forests in China. Conservation Letters, online


-Jiang A.W., Yang G., Pagani-Nunez E., Jiang D. M. Ecology of two pittas (Pitta soror and Pitta nympha) in limestone forests in South China. Journal of Natural History, online


-Kayvanfar N., Aliabadian M., Niu X.J., Zhang Z.W., Liu Y*.  Phylogeography of common pheasant, Phasianus colchinus, Ibis, 159(2): 430-442, link * Corresponding author.

-Li H.S., Liang X. Y., Zou S.J. Liu Y., De Clercq P., Slipinski A., Pang H. Development, characterization and application of 12 EST-SSRs from the ladybird Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, Biological Control, 109: 21-26, link.


-Liang D., Gao G., Han L.X., Luo X. Breeding biology of Fire-tailed Myzornis (Myzornis pyrrhoura) in an alpine environment in Southwestern China. Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 129(3): 568-575 link.


-Pagani-Nunez E., He C., Wu Y. C., Peabotuwage I., Goodale E. Foraging in the tropics: relationships among species' abundances, niche asysmmetries and body condition in an urban avian assemblage. Urban Ecosystems, in press, link.

-Vinze O., ...., Que P.J.,  Liu Y., ... Szekely. T. Parental care in changing climate variability and seasonality predict shifts in parental behaviour of birds, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 26(3): 347-358 link (cover story), covered by the Audubon Society.


-Wang B., Xie X., Liu S. M., Wang X. J., Pang H., Liu Y*. Development and characterization of novel microsatellite markers for the common pheasant Phasianus colchicus using RAD-Seq, Avian Research, 8:4 link.* Corresponding author. 


-Wang P. C., Liu Y., Liu Y.N., Chang Y. J., Wang N., Zhang Z.W. The role of niche divergence and geographic arrangement in speciation of the eared pheasants (Crossoptilon, Hodgson 1938), Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 113: 1-8, link.


-Zeng Z., Zhao J., Chen C. Q., Chen G.L., Zhang Z., Wang Y. Y. A new species of the genus Gracixalus (Amphibia: Anura: Rhacophoridae) from Mount Jinggang, Southeastern China, Zootaxa, 4250(2): 171-185, link.


-Yong D. L., Jain A., Liu Y., Muhammad I., Choi C.Y., Crockford N., Millington S., Provencher J. Migratory birds in the East Asian-Australasian Flyway: challenges and opportunities for trans-boundary conservation. Conservation Biology, accepted.





-黄秦, 梁丹, 林鑫. 湖南八面山发现灰冠鹟莺和黑喉山, 动物学杂志, 51(5): 906. link


-Chen. L.J., Zhu L., Yang X.N., Lyu N., Liu Y., Liang W., Sun Y.H. Are the patterns of egg color and speckles in parrotbills signal of the phylogenetic relatedness?  Ornithological Science, 15(2):127-132. link

-Hua F. Y.*, Hu J.H*., Liu Y., …. Zhang Z.W., Gao X.J., Zhu J. Community-wide changes in inter-taxonomic temporal co-occurrence resulting from phenological shifts. Global Change Biology, 22(5): 1746-1754. *Equally contributed,  §Corresponding author.  link


-Hua F. Y.*, Sieving K.E. Understory avifauna exhibits altered mobbing behavior in tropical degraded by selective logging. Oecologia, 182:743-754. link.


-Hua F. Y.*, Yong D.L., Janra M.N., Fitri L.M., Prawiradilaga D., Sieving K.E. Functional traits determine heterospecific use of risk-related social information in forest birds of tropical Southeast Asia. Ecology and Evolution, online. link 


-Li H.S., Liang X. Y., Zou S.J. Liu Y., Clercq P.D., Slipinski A., Pang H. Episodic positive selection at mitochondrial genome in an introduced biological control agent. Mitochondron, 28(5):67-72. link 


-Liu Y., Hu J.H.,  Li S.H., Duchen P., Wegmann D., Schweizer M. Sino-Himalayan mountains act as cradles of diversity and immigration centers in the diversification of parrotbills. Journal of Biogeography, 43(8):1488-1501. link


-Liu Y*., Chen G.L., Huang Q., Jia C.X., Carey G., Leader P., Li J., Zou F.S., Yang X.J., Olsson U., Alstrom P.  Species delimitation of the White-tailed Rubythroat Calliope pectoralis complex (Aves, Turidae) using an intergrative taxonomy approach. Journal of Avian Biology, 47(6):887-898* Corresponding author, link


-Yang J.H., Wang Y.Y., Chen G.L., Rao D. Q.  A new species of the genus Leptolalax (Anura: Megophryidae) from Mt. Gaoligongshan of Western Yunnan Province, China, Zootaxa,  4088(3): 379-394, link.  Covered by: Xinhuanet


-Wang N., Liang B., Wang J.C., Yeh C.F., Liu Y., Liu Y. L., Liang W., Yao C.T., Li S.H. Incipient speciation with gene flow on a continental island: Species delimitation of the Hainan Hwamei (Leucodioptron canorum owstoni),  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 102: 62-73, link.




-陈骞刘阳徐俊湫黄建荣典型湿地底栖动物群落结构特征南方水产科, 11(4): 1-10, link


-Alstrom P., Xia C.W., Rasmussen P.C., Olsson U., Dai B., Zhao J., Learder P.J., Carey G.J., Dong L., Cai T.L., Holt P.I., Manh H.L., Song G., Liu Y., Zhang Y.Y. and Lei F.M. Integrative taxonomy of the Russet Bush Warbler Locustella mandelli complex reveals a new species from central China. Avian Research, 6:9, link. Covered by the Washington Post, the Guardian, BBC.


-Bai Q.Q., et al…. Liu Y.,…Zeng X.W. Identification of coastal wetlands of international importance for waterbirds: a review of China coastal waterbirds census 2005-2013, Avian Research, 6:12, link.


-Chen D., Liu Y., Geoffrey D., Dong L., Chang J., Gao S.H.,  Li S.H., and Zhang Z.W. Revival of the genus Tropicoperdix Blyth 1859 (Phasianidae, Aves) using multilocus sequence data, Zoological Journal of Linnean Society, 175:429-438, link  


-Chen D., Chang J., Li S.H., Liu Y., Liang W., Zhou F., Yao. C.T., Zhang Z.W. Was the exposed continental shelf a long-distance colonization route in the ice age? The southeast Asia origin of Hainan and Taiwan Partridge. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 83:165-173, link


-Que P.J, Chang Y.J., Eberhart-Phillips L, Liu Y., Szekely T., Zhang Z.W. Low nest survival of a breeding shorebird in Bohai Bay, China. Journal of Ornithology, 156: 297-307, link.


-Li D.L., Sun X.H., Lloyd H., Que P.J., Liu Y., Wan D.M., Zhang Z.W. Reed Parrotbill nest predation by Tidal mudflat crabs: evidence for an ecological trap?  Ecosphere, 6: art20, link.


-Wang Y.Y., Lau M.W.N., Yang J.H., Chen G.L., Liu Z.Y., Pang H., Liu Y.* . A new species of the genus Odorrana (Amphibia: Ranidae) from southern China and first record of Odorrana bacboensis from China, Zootaxa,  3999(2): 235-254, link. * Corresponding author.  


-Yang C.C., Liu Y., and Liang W. Testing the egg signature hypothesis in a large hawk-cuckoo (Hierococcyx sparverioides) host population of Chinese babax (Babax lanceolatus). Intergrative Zoology, 10(3):295-301(cover story), link.


-Yong D.L., Liu Y*., Low B.W. Espanola C.P.,  Kawakami K. Migrant songbirds in the East Asian-Australian Flyway: a review from a conservation perspective. Bird Conservation International, 25:1-37(cover story), link. *Equal contribution.


-Yong D.L., and Liu Y. Wintering and conservation status of a little-known, East Asian migratory passerine in South-east Asia. Forktail, 31:43-46.



-金孟李玉王雪婧陈凯刘阳. 广封开白眉棕啄木(Sasia ochracea),物学, 49(1):60, link


-陈骞何伟添刘阳黄建荣澳门4个典型湿地的浮游动物群落特征,水生态, 35(6): 24-30, link


-Alstorm P., Hooper D., Liu Y., Olsson U., Mohan D., Gelang M., Le Manh H., Zhao J., Lei F.M., and Price T. Discovery of a relict lineage and monotypic family of passerine. Biology Letters, 10: 20131067 link. (Covered by ScienceBBC Naturethe Guardian and China Daily)


-Hu J.H., and Liu Y*.  Unveiling the conservation biogeography of a data-deficient endangered bird under climate change. PLoS ONE,  doi10.1371/journal.pone.0084529, * Corresponding author, link


-Li Y.L., Jin M.J., Zhao J., Liu Z.Y., Wang Y.Y., Pang H. Description of two new species of the genus Megophrys (Amphibia: Anura: Megophryridae) from Heishiding Nature Reserve, Fengkai, Guangdong, China, based on molecular and morphological data. Zootaxa, 3795: 449-471, link


-Liang L., Liu Y., Liao J.S., Gong. P. Wetlands predict most in the genetic divergence pattern of Oncomelania hupensis. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, 27: 436-444, link


-Luo S.T., Wu Y.C., Chang Q., Liu Y., Yang X.J., Zhang Z.W., and Zou F.S. Deep phylogeographic divergence of a migratory passerine in Himalayan and Siberian forests: the Red-flanked Bluetail (Tarsiger cyanurus) complex. Ecology and Evolution, 4: 977-986, link


-Wang Y.Y., Zhao J., Yang J.H., Zhou Z.X., Chen G.L.Liu Y*. Morphology, molecular genetics, and bioacoustics support two new sympatric Xenophrys toad (Amphibia: Anura: Megophryidae) in southeast China, PLoS ONE, doi 10.1371/journal.pone.0093075, * Corresponding author. link


-Yang C.C., Liu Y., Zeng L.J., and Liang W. Egg color variation but not egg ejection behaviour, changes in  cockoo host breeding in the absence of cuckoo parasitism. Ecology and Evolution, 4: 2239-2246, link


-Zhao J., Yang J.H., Chen G.L., Chen C.Q., Wang Y.Y. Description of a new species of the Genus Brachytarsophrys Tian and Hu, 1983 (Amphibia: Anura: Megophryidae) from Southern China based on molecular and morphological data. Asian Herpetological Research, 5: 150-160, link



-Li X.Y., Liang L., Gong P., Liu Y., and Liang F.F.  Birdwatching in China reveals bird distribution changes. Chinese Science Bulletin, 58: 649-656. link


-Gu L.Y.*, Liu Y.*, Que P.J., and Zhang Z.W. Quaternary climate and environmental changes shape genetic differentiation of a Chinese endemic pheasant at the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 67:129-139, link  (* equal contribution)


-Liu Y*., Keller I., and Heckel G. Temporal genetic structure and relatedness in the Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula suggests limited kin association in winter. Ibis, 155:499-507, link * Corresponding author.


-Wang Y.Y., Yang J.H., and Liu Y. New distribution records of Spheno morphus tonkinensis (Lacertillia: Scincidae) with notes on its variation and diagnostic characters. Asian Herpetological Research, 4:147-150, link.


-Hu J.H., Liu Y., and Hu H.J. Breeding ecology and nest-site selection of Bridled Sterna anaethetus and Roseate Terns Sterna dougallii on Wuyu islet, Lemen group, Guangdong province, China. BirdingASIA, 19: 78-82.


-Liu Y*., Webber S., Bowgen K., Schmaltz L., Bradley K., Halvarsson P., Ali M., and Griesser M. Environmental factors influence both abundance and genetic diversity in a widespread bird species Ecology and Evolution, 3: 4683-4694, link.* Corresponding author. 


-刘阳董路. 近年来中国的解析动物, 48: 750-758 link.



 -Liu Y., Keller I., and Heckel G. Breeding site fidelity and winter admixture in a long-distance migrant, the tufted duck (Aythya fuligula). Heredity, 109: 108-116. link.


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-Gu L.Y., Liu Y., Wang N., Zhang Z.W. A panel of polymorphic microsatellites in the Blue Eared Pheasant (Crossoptilon auritum) developed by cross-species amplification. Chinese Birds, 3: 103-107. link


-李雪,梁璐,,刘阳,梁菲菲. 中国数据揭示分布.  科学通,57 (31):2956-2963.



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